The Bare Necessities Scythe Course for Beginners on a Budget

Cost: £60 (£45 concessions)

Time: 7 hours

This is a one day introduction to mowing with the scythe for beginners who can’t afford the time and money for our comprehensive two-day courses.

This course will introduce you to the correct use of the scythe. You’ll learn how to set it up properly according to your body’s proportions, how to peen and hone the blade, and mow using universal principals of motion so that you can mow easily and efficiently without stressing your body. We only teach jig peening on this course so if you want to learn peen freehand you’ll need to do our comprehensive course.

You will need your own scythe, as well as honing and peening equipment. You can purchase these from Simon Fairlie Scythes or Scythe Cymru. I will be happy to discuss options with you before you order. If you would prefer to borrow a scythe I do have some available but you will need to let me know.

In order to ensure a quality experience for all, I only take four people on this course.

To book a place please use this booking form.