Ki Aikido has been central to my life and the work I do since I began my training 20 years ago. Ostensibly, Aikido is a martial art, but really it is far more than this. For me, Ki Aikido is a way of life, a path I follow. It helps me to focus my energy, ground myself, relax mind and body, and strengthen myself both externally and internally.

Learning to pin, throw, immobilise or disarm have been some of the by products of a fascinating and challenging journey that is only just beginning. Aikido has helped me to learn and understand some of the principles of the universe and I concentrate continually at applying them to my daily life.

As well as continuing my own personal training, I also run Ki Aikido clubs in Buckfastleigh and Totnes, Devon, as part of the Independent Association of Ki Clubs. The more I benefit from the things I’ve been taught by my inspiring teachers, the more determined I become to do my utmost to pass this on.

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