We run courses and offer one-to-one training in hedge laying, dry stone walling, gate making and scything. The courses are for the Dartmoor Hill Farm Project, the Devon Rural Skills Trust and Trill Farm. To find out more you can look at their websites. If you are looking for one to one training, or wish to host courses please use the contact page to get in touch. For details of scythe courses click here.

Upcoming courses

Traditional Management of Devon Hedges
The Dartmoor Hill Farm Project
A Practical Introduction with Jeremy Weiss

This six-day course will cover all aspects of the management of Devon Hedges in the traditional way and will cover the following:

* Bank repairs with turf (turf hedging) and stone (stone facing)
* Tool sharpening
* Hedge plant identification
* Hedge steeping (laying)
* Management of hedgerows for wildlife conservation
* Brash management
* Efficient bonfire
* Faggot making
* Casting up
* Logging branch wood in the field
* Making biochar from hedge brash

It will be a mainly practical course, but there will be an element of theory and plenty of time for questions and discussions. The course will run from 9am until 4:30pm on the following dates:

12th and 13th of September
26th and 27th of September
10th and 11th of October

Course cost: £200

To book a place please call 01822 890912 or email