Bill Hook Basics

Cost: £60 (£45 concessions)

Time: 7 hours

Sharpening and using a bill hook or axe can be a duanting prospect. Blunt edge tools are the single biggest thing preventing people from learning to lay hedges and over many years of teaching hedge laying courses I’ve rarely had a beginner turn up with anything remotely usable.

This course will furnish the student with all they need to get started, and the skills are transferable to other edge tools such as axes.

You will learn how to profile and shape the blade correctly so that it will cut at the proper angle. This skill will allow you to restore old bill hooks or prepare new bill hooks for use.

You will also learn how to hone the edge to make it properly sharp.

Once the tool is ready, we will be making brash bundles, known as faggots, which provides the ideal situation to practice basic bill hook cutting and trimming techniques and become familiar with this fabulous tool.

If you don’t have your own hook, I suggest borrowing one of ours to work on. We will discuss what to consider when buying a bill hook on the course.

There are only 4 places on this course to ensure quality tuition.

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