Learn to Scythe

With Jeremy Weiss
At Velwell Orchard

Saturday 10th of August, 2pm – 6pm
Sunday 11th of August, 6am – 10am

Cost: £60/£40 concessions. Includes vegetarian, gluten free supper and breakfast, plus refreshments and camping (optional).

This beginners course will introduce you to the correct use of the scythe. You’ll learn how to set it up properly according to your body’s proportions, how to peen and hone the blade, and mow using universal principals of motion so that you can mow easily and efficiently without stressing your body. We will also discuss meadow and lawn management for the benefit of wildlife and humans, how to make hay, and the use of grass cuttings as mulch.

Velwell Orchard is a 2 acre biodynamic smallholding between Buckfastleigh and Dartington. You will need your own scythe, as well as honing and peening equipment. You can purchase these from Simon Fairlie Scythes. I will be happy to discuss options with you before you order. I do have two scythes that I’m happy to loan, but I prefer it if you have your own equipment.

To book a place please contact Jeremy on 07962 432317, Only four places are available so please book early!

Mowing meadows by hand is one of the joys of the summer season. Beginning in May when the first hay is cut, we continue to cut right through the summer to maximise diversity and spread the workload.

Grass is best cut early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s cool and sward stands up nicely.

When cutting by hand it is best to cut three or even four times a year which makes mowing a pleasure rather than a chore, ensures that the grass is at its most nutritious, and encourages biodiversity.

This means that the first cut needs to be during May or early June before the grass becomes lodged by wind and rain.

It’s also possible to manage lawns with the scythe. Areas can be left to grow longer to provide forage for bees and the grass can be cut when wet.