Biochar is fine charcoal that can be added to compost to help hold nutrients and water in the soil and increase soil fertility. It improves soil structure particularly in very sandy or clayey soils. Biochar’s microporous structure also provides an ideal habitat for mycorrhizal fungi that help to feed plants. It can be used  in layers on compost heaps or in leaf bins but it has manifold other uses too. To find out more about the benefits of biochar, and the science behind it, have a look at the International Biochar Institute website.

We produce high quality biochar from the wood left over after hedge laying and coppicing. Usually this brash is burnt, wasting energy and releasing poluting smoke. However, using our kiln, we can produce biochar cleanly with hardly any smoke and much of the carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere is stored in the char.

We sell our biochar to order, minimum order is 10 litres. For bulk orders of more than one cubic metre, please get in touch for a quotation. We are happy to offer a significant discount if you would like to take delivery after a burn as this saves us double handling and storing it.


Over 100 litres: 20p per litre

Over 1000 litres: 15p per litre (£150/cubic metre)

Application rates:

If you are going to apply it directly to the soil we recommend about 25 litres per square metre. This gives a layer about 25mm thick over the surface and can then be dug in. The Biochar should ideally be activated prior to application.

Our kiln is fully mobile so we can also bring it to your site and make biochar from your own brash wood. To get a quotation please get in touch using the form below.

There is no VAT on our products.

For more about how we produce biochar please see here.